4 Triggers That Cause Heartache

4 Triggers That Cause Heartache When Looking For Your One

  • Avoid the top four pitfalls in love and get adored QUICKLY
  • Inpsire a man's natural instinct to claim you 
  • End the cycle of heartbreak NOW
  • Identify what is causing him to back away

 Meet Megan Weks

Congratulations on taking a major step to get to the next level in love!

I'm Megan Weks, and I've gathered throuthout my coaching practice and personal experiences the most common pitfalls and triggers that we face on our pathway to love and have put them here in this guide to prevent you from any more heartache in your life. 

It's time to end the repeated cycles of heartbreak and take control of your love life. I've been there. 

I could always attract a man but I just could never keep one around...Your love starts with an understanding of men that frankly most women don't have and it leaves them in a world of pain. 

We end up asking our moms or friends for advice, which leads us super confused and down the wrong road anyhow


Follow me to a special place you become The Sovereign Jewel who love flows effortlessly to. 

I can't wait to show you how. 

This is where you learn to attract and KEEP the man of your dreams, the soul who’s the perfect complement to yours.

See you in Love!